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  • What are microgreens?
    Microgreens are essentially seedlings, or sprouts, of edible vegetables and herbs.
  • Who buys microgreens?
    People who are focused on health tend to buy microgreens. Though initially used in fine dining restaurants, they can now be found in many restaurants and cafes. They're concentrated in nutrients and also pack intense flavors.
  • How do I use microgreens?
    Microgreens not only add color and flavor to your dishes, but they're also great in juices, smoothies, and salads. Simply take the desired amount, rinse them, and garnish them on your dish. Due to their delicate nature, they're usually eaten raw, but pea sprouts can be cooked if they become tough.
  • Why should I care?
    Microgreens can be a great way to introduce kids, or picky eaters, to vegetables. They're zesty flavors, concentrated nutrients, and small form factor make them much more palatable than their mature varieties.
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