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Our Story

Being born and raised in Southern California is an incredible privilege. The combination of wonderful weather, diverse peoples, and natural landscapes have shaped our fundamental beliefs, but our experiences away from home are the source of our inspiration and passion. Removing the thin veneer of comfortability revealed the struggles of everyday people all over the world.  

Witnessing rural, agrarian communities that lack reliable access to water and food really put things in perspective - food and water are two essential, yet finite, resources necessary to sustain human life. While in the US, 133 billion pounds of food and 1 trillion gallons of water go to waste each year, globally 2 billion people do not have regular access to safe food and 1 billion people live without access to potable, clean water. 

It wasn't until I received my master's in environmental and water resources engineering, that I finally understood how to combine my passion, knowledge, and experiences. Thus, the inception of Ho.Listic. We incorporate alternative agricultural practices at our facility - specifically vertical farming, hydroponics, and aquaponics. Our systems draw inspiration from dense, urban development, as well as the natural environment.


These systems bring nutrients directly to the root zones of plants and recirculate water, so they use 90% less water than traditional, soil-based farms. Vertical farming allows us to grow 4x more in the same space, maximizing productivity, while simultaneously minimizing our footprint. Using fish as a primary nutrient source in our aquaponic systems mirrors processes found in many fertile soils and natural waterways.


Our immediate goal is to decrease the reliance on corporate farms, while producing high quality food that not only uses water and land more efficiently, but also decreases the environmental impacts associated with modern agriculture. The long-term goal is to implement these technologies and ideas in developing communities to improve food and water security. 

Our commitment is to you, the people, and to Earth, the provider. 

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